The State of Exhibitions and Events in 2020

The State of Exhibitions and Events in 2020

Technology is moving faster than organizations can adapt. Innovations are integrating with and building on each other at an unprecedented rate.

In this April 2020 MPI article, Michelle Bruno takes a look at important topics for the exhibition and events industry in 2020 including, digital transformation, women in events, exhibition formats, and sustainability.

In examining digital transformation, Michelle found that, although there’s been progress, events and exhibitions aren’t taking full advantage of what the latest technologies have to offer. For example, data collection and analysis are taking place in silos which prevents companies from putting together a cohesive strategy for innovation. Unfortunately, a report issues by Fusion Productions and digitalNow describes slow-to-moderate improvement in a selection of associations moving to digital, suggesting that advancement is slow.

Other areas of the industry have seen better rates of progress. Both organizers and suppliers are making greater commitments to sustainability and diversity in their organizations.

Read the full article here to learn more about the progress, opportunities, and threats in the events industry to help event professionals make informed decisions about the future.