The Rise of the Event Technologist Webinar Replay

The Rise of the Event Technologist Original Webinar Invite

About a year ago, Michelle Bruno was taking a look at the needs of event organizers and event technology companies and saw a gap between the two which resulted in disorganization. Michelle identified an emerging role that had begun to evolve in order to fill that gap – the Event Technologist.

An event technologist is someone who could find themselves playing a role in purchasing decisions for event technologies, liaising with various departments within the organization to map out technical needs, collecting and interpreting data, and overall staying aware and apprised of ever-changing offerings in the event technology space.

Joined by Marie-Claire Andrews, CEO of the Event Tech Tribe, Michelle Bruno recently hosted a webinar exploring this new and critical leadership role in the events industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about what the role entails, what makes someone qualified to fill the role, and what an event technologist’s career pathway looks like then be sure to watch the recorded webinar.